During the summer months, New Jersey residents love to take advantage of the warm weather and kids' time off from school to travel throughout the country, even the world. With all the down time, it's the perfect time of year to schedule time away from home for a brand new adventure.

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Although New Jersey is a huge vacation destination all on its own, especially our beach towns, without sports and school hogging up the schedule, it's the best time to take a week+ long getaway.


New Jersey welcomes all the tourists to our beach towns with open arms during the summer season. They come to enjoy what the shore has to offer, from the gorgeous waves to the exciting nightlife. As for New Jersey residents, while we love the beach, many choose to enjoy their summer vacations abroad.

US global travel advisory

It's always exciting to plan a trip to a place across the sea. It's somewhere you've never been. The adventure resides in not only the history of your chosen destination abroad, but in the culture, as well. Everything from the language, the food, and the entertainment is a whole new experience waiting to be had. Unfortunately, now's not the safest time to travel to certain foreign lands to get a taste of culture.


According to the Department of State's Bureau of Consular Affairs, they say now it's more crucial than ever to assess the safety and risk associated with certain trips planned abroad. That's why they're urging every single US citizen to keep an eye on the Bureau's travel advisories before booking a trip this summer.

Unfortunately, there are specific places around the globe that have been deemed unsafe for US citizens to visit...

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