In April of 2017, Eric Church released "Round Here Buzz" as the fourth single from his Mr. Misunderstood album. Penned by Church, Luke Dick and Jeff Hyde, the song features a narrator lamenting a lost love, who's gone off to chase her dreams in the big city while he's left behind in their small town.

Below, Hyde recalls to The Boot how "Round Here Buzz" came to be.

That was two singles back to back that me and Luke and Eric wrote. It was "Kill a Word" and then "Round Here Buzz," and "Kill a Word" didn't quite make it to the top, but it was trying; it tried so very hard ... For a song to make it to No. 1, it's almost a miracle, so we were happy [that "Round Here Buzz" did]. We didn't know if it was gonna make it, and it looked like it was running out of steam, and then it caught a second wind ...

We wrote that song the same day we got together to finish "Kill a Word." The three of us got together over at Luke's house, and we finished "Kill a Word" pretty quick ... and then we had -- that was right around lunchtime, so we still had a few hours left, and Eric took this idea for "Round Here Buzz," and we got on that one pretty quick, too.

I think, we all came from small towns, where football is a big deal every Friday, and everybody's hearing those lines and seeing their own hometown with their own football field. I could see it. Sometimes it's easier to get behind a song that you can envision it in your own town, you know? ... If it had been the Friday night Scrabble game, not everybody would have been able to [work with that]. [Laughs]

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