You haven't lived until you've been to a hockey game with a teddy bear toss on the ice!

It's become a go-to promotion for many minor league hockey teams: fans are asked to being new or almost-new stuffed animals to the game and toss them onto the ice after the home team scores their first goal.

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The Hersey Bears have been doing this enough times that their fans probably plan for it months ahead. They collect and save the animals in anticipation of the the big event.

By the way, the Hershey Bears have a long history of minor league hockey in Northeastern Pennsylvania. They play in the Eastern Conference of the American Hockey League. Minor league hockey uses features some "stars of tomorrow" and some very entertaining promotions.

So, the game began the other night and the packed house in the Hershey waited for that first goal to be scored by their team - the chocolate and white. (Get It? chocolate because they're Hershey?) Luckily  that first goal happened very quickly, just six minutes into the game!

Goal! And the teddy bears fly!

According to the team, 52,341 stuffed animals were tossed onto the ice, a new record!

We don't have a report on how much time it took to clean off the ice, but it was a while.

The team says the stuffed animals will be divided up and donated to 25 different charities.

The Bears used the excitement of the teddy bear toss fuel them to victory, 5-0 over the Hartford Wolf Pack.

Source: Hershey Bears Hockey

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