Cat Country 107.3 is giving away our last pair of Kenny Chesney tickets for tomorrow's show at Lincoln Financial Field. To win them, you just need to find them!

***********UPDATE - WE HAVE A WINNER!******************

Vince Found them! They were planted near the entrance of the former Genaurdi's Store on Fire Road in EHT!

Congratulations Vince!

That's right! We've hidden the tickets, and if you're the first person who finds them, you win them! (Please note, several years back, one of our sister stations did a similar contest, and another unrelated-to-us radio station went out of their way to hide phony concert tickets. Let's hope they don't try to pull the same stupid stunt this year.)

Basically, here's the rules. First person to find the tickets wins. You must be 18. Anything that happens to you while searching for the tickets is at your risk. That means accidents, traffic tickets, arrests, etc. are all your responsibility, not ours. By "playing the game", you assume any and all risk. In short, don't break any laws and be nice.

The tickets are hidden in a public place. They are NOT on or right next to a road, highway, airport, or in a body of water. No property needs to be touched or moved. The tickets can be easily seen if you're standing in the right place. If you are driving, you will not see them from your car, and there is no need to park your car illegally.

We will be providing clues every so often both right here (refresh often) and on the radio on Cat Country 107.3. (The clues on the radio will be different than the clues here.) We have determined that the easiest way to win is to check out all the clues as they become available. We do not anticipate the contest going past 10am at the very latest.

One more note: we have not hidden the actual tickets. We have hidden a note that explains how to get the tickets. We don't want to post the note here, just in case people who work at the above mentioned competing radio station try to jinx this contest. If you find what we've hidden, it will be obvious that you have found it.

That's it! Good Luck

Clue 2
Clue 2 - This is looking up at the nearest major intersection, which is close to where the tickets are located
Clue 3
Clue 3. This picture was taken near the closet major intersection. The tickets are less then one mile from where this photo was taken
Clue 4
Clue 4. This Picture was taken moments after the picture for Clue 3 was taken
Clue 5
Clue 5. This is taken at the nearest busy intersection. If you follow these exact arrows, heading straight, you'll be going the right way
Clue 6
Clue 6. This is landscaping on the property where the tickets can be found
Clue 7
Clue 7. This is a photo of the ground near where the tickets are hidden.
Clue 8
Clue 8 Somewhere in this mapped area
Clue 9
If you look left from where you're standing when you find the tickets, you'll be able to see this area

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