After the awful weather we had over Memorial Day Weekend (it was 50 degrees!) we certainly made up for it this past weekend with temperatures right around 90.

And with the arriving summer-like weather were the crowds that packed the beaches across Atlantic and Cape May Counties.

If you're like me, you know one of the best times to visit the beaches in our area is on a Sunday evening -- the crowds have mostly left and it's pretty easy to find a practically empty beach where you can enjoy the warm weather, the surf, and some spectacular sunsets.

As is normally the case, my travels took me to Cape May County Sunday evening and while walking along the shoreline, I took note of what people left behind.

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This particular beach doesn't have trash cans, so whatever people bring down to the beach all has to leave with them at the end of the day. The good news is that I didn't see anything egregious -- no giant piles of trash or anything even close to that. What I did notice were a few little things that I'm just passing along.

And should you need a refresher course on what to do and not do on our beaches, check out our five unwritten rules of South Jersey beach parking and our ten commandments for visiting South Jersey this summer.

Things people left behind on South Jersey's beaches - Sunday, June 6th

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