The public's been made aware of scandal after scandal that allegedly went down within the halls of Ocean City High School.

Everything from sexual abuse allegations to mishandled bullying claims have been reported from students and alumni. Even a petition has surfaced from in an effort to get the processes through which claims like this are investigated re-evaluated by law enforcement. Students both present and past are NOT happy.

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That was evident this past Friday at the retirement dinner of the district's exiting superintendent, Kathleen Taylor. According to, various protesters comprised of concerned citizens and former students marched outside of the Flanders Hotel where a dinner honoring Taylor's work for the district was being held. People were holding signs that said things like "Kids Not Accolades" and walking up and down the block. It was reported that even a banner plane flew over their location with a sign that read "Enough is Enough".

The petition is calling for not only the school's processes, but how Taylor specifically handled certain allegations and claims during the time she held the superintendent position. The district currently claims that any allegations included in the petition have been forwarded to the proper law enforcement channels.

Several people who attended the protest made it known that even though Taylor is on her way out, they're not going anywhere. It's safe to assume that until something is done about the allegations made public at the present, we won't stop hearing about more and more stories from the Ocean City High School halls.


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