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Officials with the New Jersey Division of Wildlife cited two men in Atlantic City for being in possession of 66 undersized Atlantic Stripped Bass.

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The men face numerous charges and fines, and the fish have been given to the Atlantic City rescue mission.

The accused were caught by NJ Conservation Police Officers after they returned to a private dock after fishing all night from a small vessel. Earlier in the evening, they drew attention to themselves when officers observed them running their vessel at high rates of speed from various fishing locations under the cover of darkness and fog without any navigation lights. Despite the conditions, and losing sight of the vessel on multiple occasions, officers utilized their intimate knowledge of the area to relocate and ultimately inspect the vessel.

The Atlantic striped bass retention limits on March 30th were one fish from 28” to less than 43” and one fish 43” or greater per person. When inspected, sixty-six striped bass were found between 13” and 24” in length.

The identities of the two men have not been released.

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