Thanks to YouTube, it's easy to take a look back at some popular businesses and attractions here in South Jersey that are long gone but still live thanks to the internet.

  • Playboy Casino, Atlantic City - YouTube user Genius7277

    Playboy Casino, Atlantic City

    35 years ago, the Playboy Casino opened right in the middle of town on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City next to Boardwalk Hall.

    The Playboy wasn't around very long -- by 1984 it was renamed The Atlantis Hotel and Casino, followed a few years later by Trump Regency then Trump World's Fair before it ultimately closed and was torn down in 2000.


  • Hunt's Pier, Wildwood - YouTube user Gindleman

    Hunt's Pier, Wildwood

    For a few summers when I was a kid, my parents rented a house at Poplar and the Boardwalk in Wildwood, right under that towering Hunt's Pier sign. I spent a lot of time on Hunt's Pier as a kid and I think I even might have played Skyline Golf once or twice.

    The history of Hunt's Pier dates back to the early 1900s; it shut down in the 1980s.


  • Townsquare Media / Chris Coleman

    Atlantic City Race Course, Mays Landing

    It would be about this time of year, for the past several years, that Atlantic City Race Course would open for a week or so and offer live horse racing. And for those recent years, like in its heyday, the Race Course was the place to be and the place to be seen, attracting several thousand people to that giant brick building behind the Hamilton Mall.

    The track opened in 1946 and closed last year.


  • Zaberer's Restaurant in North Wildwood - YouTube user Robert A Morgan Jr

    Zaberer's, North Wildwood and Mays Landing

    As someone who was born and raised here in South Jersey, I remember eating at Zaberer's in Mays Landing and also as soon as you drove over the old wooden bridge into North Wildwood, seeing that iconic red Zaberville sign.

    Thanks to someone's home movies from 1984, you can still get an inside look at the North Wildwood restaurant.


  • Pathmark, Egg Harbor Township - Chris Coleman / Townsquare Media


    I figured it wouldn't hurt to include one regional chain store in this list. When the Pathmark in Egg Harbor Township closed in 2012, I took a bunch of pictures and remarked about how odd it was to walk about a nearly empty supermarket where the only things left to buy were canned pumpkin pie filling and imitation crab meat.

    The Pathmark chain was founded in 1968 and completely shut down in 2015.