Back in May, I told you that Jim and Amber Marchese, formerly of the 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' were kicked off of a Virgin Airlines flight for an alleged attack.  Now details of threats have been added to the lawsuit pending with both parties.

The Marchese's were kicked off of the Virgin flight after a flight attendant allegedly heard Jim threaten his wife by saying he would kill her.

Moriah Rosser, the flight attendant says she heard the couple fighting. says,

Rosser says she then witnessed Jim Marchese with his hand on his wife's neck and heard him say, "B----, if you do that again, I will f------ kill you.'" That's when she alerted the pilot, who called law enforcement and had the couple escorted off the plane.

The Marchese's have sued Virgin Airlines and Moriah Rosser.  Rosser and the airline have filed a countersuit.  The Marchese's are suing for $10 million in damages.  Rosser and Virgin are suing for defamation.

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