The former star of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' and current star of 'Manzo'd with Children' is pregnant with her first child!

Congratulations to Lauren Manzo Scalia and her husband Vito Scalia!  They announced to People Magazine Thursday evening that they are expecting Manzo Scalia #1!

The current season of 'Manzo'd with Children' centers around their difficulties with becoming pregnant.  After a year of being married, Lauren was concerned with not yet being pregnant, as she told People,

In July, Scalia opened up to her husband about not yet being pregnant a year into their marriage. "I get nervous that we haven't gotten pregnant yet," she told Vito.

They stopped putting so much pressure on themselves and nature took control.

Congrats!  Baby Mazo Scalia is due in early 2017.

'Manzo'd with Children' airs Sunday nights on Bravo, 9pm.

Source: People

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