2020's been the year of the first responder/veteran, has it not?

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The pandemic is responsible, at least for me, a surge of gratitude for all that fight the difficult battles that most citizens don't see. Those battles include the ones fought in hospitals and our doctors offices, sure, but the veterans serving our country in the midst of this pandemic are holding my admiration just as much.

To be stationed outside of your homeland in the midst of so much suffering amongst friends and family has got to be a unique battle all its own. Watching from afar as friends, neighbors, and family members lose their jobs, their homes, etc. can't be easy to witness. Yet, that's the present-day service member's reality. They must wake up every day knowing what's happening at home and put it out of their minds so they can do what they have to do to keep the country safe.

Veterans Day is tomorrow, November 11th. So, to all those who serve and continue to serve, I extend to you my gratitude for your sacrifice. For those military servicemen and women that are home, you might want to take advantage of some really cool offers extended to you on your day of celebration.

When was the last time you went to the hair salon or barber shop? If you're in need of a haircut, you can walk into any Great Clips salon location to enjoy a free haircut as a 'thank you' for your service to the country. If you'd like to learn more, click HERE.



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