Georgia's 5 Faves this week has some delicious and fun stuff as we get closer to Christmas!

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    Chobani Key Lime Blended Yogurt

    This yummy yogurt was my breakfast this morning.  It's sweet and tart at the same time and it's delicious!  I prefer  2% yogurt as opposed to fat free, I think there is a big difference in taste.  Pineapple Chobani is still my all-time favorite, but the Key Lime is really good.

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    Victoria's Secret PJ's

    I'm not usually a pajamas type of gal...  I like tank tops and shorts, but these PJ's were too cute (and they're on sale!!) to resist.  And they're comfy too.

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    The Aviator's Wife

    This is the next selection for my book club and at 81 pages in, I'm completely hooked!  The Aviator's Wife is historical fiction about Anne Morrow Lindbergh, wife of Charles Lindbergh.  My copy is from the library, pick it up next time you are at your free book store :)

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    Starbucks Holiday Spice Flat White

    I love Starbucks regular Flat White, but the addition of some holiday spices and a ristretto shot of espresso, (normal ground, less water - typically called a "short shot") the Holiday Spice Flat White is perfect for a chilly December evening.

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    Mind Body Connect App

    This is a great app that I was just introduced to this past weekend.  I scheduled a 90 minute Swedish Massage at Compass Spa in Ocean City last weekend and they suggested that I download the app to keep track of my appointment.  (Janice at Compass Spa is awesome!!  It was my best massage ever, no exaggeration.)  In the app, you can schedule appointments for a massage, join a yoga class near you or find a personal trainer.  It's free and awesome.