I teased this fun and yummy peanut butter on Cat Country's Instagram account yesterday!

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    Trader Joe's Crunchy Salted Peanut Butter with Flax and Chia Seeds

    It's a mouthful, (literally, lol) but this natural peanut butter needs to be on your TJ's list.  It's the perfect refueling snack paired with a piece of wheat toast while training for the St. Jude Rock N Roll Half Marathon!

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    Beautiful Briny Sea Dry Goods Pocketful of Starlight Vanilla Sugar

    Ummm, an even bigger mouthful!  I was introduced to these products from a friend of mine.  I bought a few different sugars and sea salts for my husband's stocking for Christmas.  The sugar, however is a favorite!  Put it in coffee and you will never be the same!

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    iRobot Roomba

    Single-handedly the best Christmas present I received this year!  My parents were kind enough to give me a Roomba after I (literally) gushed over theirs!  It really works and it really frees up SO MUCH TIME!  I love my Roomba!

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    Ciate Sparkly Nail Polish

    Two words - Round Brush!  This nail polish has a round brush, so there is less mess and cleanup of your cuticles!  And the colors are sharp!  I only needed one coat and the polish didn't chip for a long time.  Love the Ciate line from Birchbox!

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    Joy is a fantastic movie that I saw over the holidays!  It's still in some theaters, but hurry, I don't think it will last much longer.  I really wasn't aware of the story behind the movie (or the local-ish connection!) and I found it very interesting.  And of course, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are awesome.

    Getty Images/Kevin Winter