After taking Thanksgiving week off from Georgia's 5 Faves, I'm back!

This week, as always, I have a handful of totally random (but awesome) items for Georgia's 5 Faves!


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    The Maple Tree Gift Shop Candle

    This candle (Grubby Mason Jar Candles) was given to me by the lovely ladies at The Maple Tree Gift Shop in Seaville.  It smells just like the holidays!  The scent is Pumpkin Pecan and it will fill your house with the sweet smells of pumpkin pie.  The candle is great and so is The Maple Tree Gift Shop.  They have some great gift ideas for Christmas!

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    Rusk Texture Spray

    I got this sample in my latest Birchbox and I love this spray!  It's perfect for a little bit of texture (but not too much) for those of us who need it.  I don't "do" my hair everyday, I prefer not to damage it everyday with products and this spray is great for when I just want to be natural.  A little spritz and I'm good to go.

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    Trader Joe's Free Trade Turbinado Raw Cane Sugar

    I made a trek to Trader Joe's the other night, so you will probably be seeing a lot of great TJ's products here on Georgia's 5 Faves.  This sugar was a recommendation from a friend.  I'm trying not to overdo the use of refined sugars and artificial sweeteners.  So this turbinado sugar is perfect.  And the nutty, molasses flavor is a just a bonus!

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    My New Glasses

    Do you like them?  My Ophthalmologist told me to wear my glasses more often.... Ooops.  And I needed a new prescription, so I picked up these babies.  They're blue!

  • 5

    Bizare Foods with Andrew Zimmern

    Andrew Zimmern recently did an entire episode of 'Bizarre Foods' in Philadelphia, it was awesome.  It wasn't that long ago that I was unable to watch this show...  I have a weak stomach... But I've grown to really love it.  I just close my eyes when he eats something gross.  He's quite a character with a crazy past.  He's overcome some big stuff.  And I like him a lot.

    Neilson Barnard/Getty Images