Time to say hello to the newest and most adorable member of the Gloucester Township Police Department.

It was announced on Facebook earlier this week that the department in Camden County will be adding a new K-9 duo and has already passed along assignments to the team. Welcome, Venus! Police Chief David Harkins announced via social media that the Venus the Bloodhound will be assigned to Patrolman James Evans.

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Don't expect Venus to be hitting the streets anytime soon, though. The 11-month-old pup still has a lot of work to do before she'll be officially reporting for duty. Evans along with Venus will both undergo twelve weeks of training in Cape May County. They'll both make their way through the Cape May County Sheriff's Office tracking and trailing academy. Once complete, Venus will be ready to take on the bad guys.

The addition of Venus to the force is an important one as the Bloodhound will play a crucial role in assignments and cases specifically involving missing persons. The force is excited to add another team to the K-9 division and is excited for all the good they'll do within the Gloucester Township community.

Check out the most adorable pictures of Gloucester Township PD's new addition below:

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