DWIs in AC have now resulted in the paid leave suspensions of two police officers both hailing from the same township.

Officers Stephen Lenker and James Ryan were both arrested, one in Atlantic City and one in Longport. What's crazy, NJ.com reports, is the fact that they were both arrested for the same thing: driving under the influence. What's more is that it happened on the same day.

NJ.com shares body cam images of the one off-duty officer, James Ryan, wearing a 'Thin Blue Line' t-shirt that offers support to police officers in the face of discrimination. What's so sad about that is Ryan reportedly told the officer who arrested him that he's not in any position to lose his place with the Gloucester Township Police right now.

Of course, no one should be drinking and driving, but unfortunately, when a police officer is caught doing something illegal like that, all it does is perpetuate the narrative people use to paint all police officers in an unflattering light.

That's what makes this story heartbreaking, more than anything.

Source: NJ.com

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