Regardless of which side of the COVID-19 fence you sit on, Governor Murphy delivered some important news Monday (10/5) regarding trick-or-treating in New Jersey this year.






The governor repeated his "knucklehead" joke in a press conference this morning, addressing all NJ residents to assure them that children WILL be able to trick-or-treat this year, however he wants the tradition to continue with all necessary health guidelines in place.

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Don't forget your mask. No, not your Halloween mask.... your COVID-19 preventative mask. A fictitious character mask won't cut it, sorry. Murphy recommends all those participating in the Halloween tradition do so while wearing PPE and still adhering to social distancing guidelines as much as possible. The governor said he's fully aware that other festivities besides trick-or-treating will occur this year, especially since Halloween itself falls on a Saturday. Murphy reminded NJ residents that the capacity for indoor gatherings is still 25 people, but recommends that any frivolity surrounding the holiday take place outdoors.

So, if you were planning on decorating your house to the 9s for the annual Halloween shindig this year, maybe put a little more effort on your yard. Also, if you do plan on giving out candy, make sure it's not in a community bowl that kids can sink their hands into. Murphy wants the least amount of hands to touch the candy as possible. Have you seen the candy slides people are building? Not such a bad idea....

If you missed Governor Murphy's press conference from Monday, check it out below:

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