It would be every little Harry Potter fan's dream come true!

Imagine it, you just got done reading the either the second or third installment of the series about 'The Boy Who Lived' and take a stroll to your grandparents' house to find this waiting for you:

An epic sight to be seen, wouldn't it be? While most children would be absolutely obsessed with this playhouse, is it really appropriate for a 2-year-old? Yep, you read that correctly. This beautiful work of childhood playtime architecture was thought up and paid for by the grandparents of a child barely old enough to even know how to say the word "magic", let alone one old enough to be "obsessed" with the Harry Potter series. Truth be told, this little one probably has absolutely no idea what the structure is supposed to be.

Sure, it's your right to gift the child in your life with whatever you'd like to, however wouldn't it make more sense to, in this case, have waited until the kid was a bit older? Ya know, so the appreciation factor could potentially ascend a few notches?

Still, it's an awesome gesture. The kid would've been satisfied with a stuffed animal version of Hedwig, though. Just saying...

Source: Facebook

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