We shared the story about a little boy who was attacked by a dog while walking the Wildwood beach with his parents earlier this month.

An update on that situation: The little boy was so badly injured after being attacked after the dog had gotten away from its owner that he had to be flown by helicopter to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where he will have to go through several surgeries to repair his face.

He suffered a lot of damage to his nose in particular. Numerous reports even state that the poor little boy's nose is pretty much gone. A GoFundMe has been created in an effort to assist the family with the unforeseen medical bills that are currently accumulating as a result of this situation. They never asked for this to happen to their son, so it's beautiful to see people of the community care so deeply about the misfortune of this entire scenario.

To check out the full story and/or donate, click HERE.

Source: GoFundMe.com

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