Granger Smith has announced the release of his second major-label studio album, When the Good Guys Win. The album, due out on Oct. 27, includes the artist's recent single that is rapidly climbing the charts, "Happens Like That."

Smith says that "Happens Like That" is a "story-driven tune" and is a good taste of what's to come on the new album.

“Each of these 14 tracks fills an important space and it is my hope that they take you on a ride through peaks and valleys, from light-hearted to painfully honest and then back out again,” Smith says in a press release. The artist goes on to say that he “wanted this album to be made of many moments. Moments that make you feel something down deep in your gut; moments that sound so familiar, yet bring a flavor you haven't heard from me before. This album is very special to me and I can't wait for the world to hear it!"

In addition to "Happens Like That," When the Good Guys Win will also include a nod to Smith's country boy alter-ego Earl Dibbles Jr. on the 13th track. The album is a follow up to Smith's 2016 Remington, which generated hits like "Backroad Song" and "If The Boot Fits."

Smith is currently traveling with Luke Bryan on his Huntin', Fishin' and Lovin' Everyday tour and has announced his own headlining Don't Tread on Me Tour, to begin Nov. 3. For tour details, visit Smith's website.
Granger Smith, When the Good Guys Win Track Listing:
1. “Gimme Something” (Jared Mullins, Jordan Schmidt, Justin Wilson)
2. “You’re In It” (Frank Rogers, Justin Adams, Mark Nesler)
3. “Raise Up Your Glass” (Rogers, Matt Alderman, Ty Graham)
4. “Happens Like That” (Granger Smith Wilson, Jordan Schmidt, Albert, Tyler Hubbard)
5. “Still Holds Up” (Smith, Wilson, Schmidt, Albert)
6. “When the Good Guys Win” (Deric Ruttan, Jonathan Singleton, Ben Hayslip)
7. “Everybody Lives” (Tommy Cecil, Seth Ennis, Jay Brunswick, Jaida Dreyer)
8. “Stutter” (Smith, Wilson, Schmidt, Albert)
9. “Never Too Old” (Smith, Wilson, Schmidt, Albert)
10 “Love Ain’t Blind” (Smith, Wilson, Jamie Paulin)
11. “4 Wheel Drive” (Smith Rogers, Mike Fiorentino)
12. “Reppin’ My Roots” (Smith, Schmidt, Josh Mirenda, Jaron Boyer)
13. TBD (Feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.)
14. “Home Cooked Meal” (Smith, Rogers)

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