One thought about rehabilitating Atlantic City is to heavily incentive people to purchase houses in the city.

Several organizations have gotten together and are planning a free virtual information session on Wednesday, March 10 at 2pm.

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The session will discuss various incentives available to those willing to purchase homes in Atlantic City.

The organizations putting on the seminar have prioritized home ownership "as a strategy to grow wealth for residents, improve conditions of neighborhood properties, create a more invested residential base, and generate new economic activity."

The program is being put together by several neighborhood development corporations and the Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce:

The group’s goal is to transition city renters into homeowners, a strategy that has proven to be successful in changing communities by providing more stability to neighborhoods. Home ownership also stems displacement of residents as property values increase; this is especially important to maintain Atlantic City’s cultural diversity, and to continue to provide housing for those who work in the City.

During the session, representatives from Atlantic City, Atlantic County Improvement Authority, the New Jersey Housing Mortgage Finance Agency, and private banks will be presenting their incentive programs.

Organizers say the program is open to anyone, but will be specifically targeting real estate professionals, major employers, and community leaders. The hope is these people will then help spread the information to others about the advantages of home ownership in the city.

The session will be done on Zoom. To find out more information, you're urged to contact the Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce at 609-345-4524. You can also go to

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