What was the original definition of " The American Dream"?

It's the US's sort-of ethos that states every American citizen has a right to the pursuit of happiness. The parameters that constitute that happiness revolve around a stable income, home ownership, living in the suburbs, getting married, and having a family.

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A new survey by Canva revealed that while a lot of the initial parameters still hold true, the new American Dream is one that's layered with multiple hoops most people must jump through these days that people of the past didn't have to worry about.

For one, 56% of people surveyed say the American Dream for them is to own a home. That one was part of the original idea and still holds true today. What is on the list now, though, is that a huge chunk of those surveyed, 40% actually, say that part of their American Dream is to pay off student loans holding them back from achieving a lot of other goals in their lives. Also, it's noted that while having a family is still on the list, getting married specifically is not mentioned. Another standard highly regarded as part of the modern American Dream is owning a business. 43% of people surveyed expressed this as a parameter in their definition.

The new definitions of the American Dream broken down into percentages are listed below:

  1. Owning your own home                                                                  56%

  2. Owning a car                                                                                  53%

  3. Having a family                                                                               50%

  4. Starting your own business                                                            43%

  5. Paying off student loans                                                                 40%

  6. Providing a high-quality education to your children one day         31%

  7. Living in the suburbs                                                                      29%

  8. Getting a good job                                                                          26%

  9. Being out of credit-card debt                                                          26%

  10. Realizing your potential                                                                  23%

Source: NYPost.com

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