I'm OBSESSED with Halloween. All of spooky season, really. Not JUST October 31st. However, it wouldn't have been my fun that was ruined due to the pandemic. I'm still free to decorate, apple pick, carve pumpkins, etc.

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The kids are who stand to lose the most from everything going on this fall.... and I do mean EVERYTHING. First, they're being pulled back and forth regarding schooling methods with some schools deciding at the last minute to go virtual again and some choosing a hybrid method. Next, they're not able to participate in sports this fall like they normally do. Finally, who knows if they'll actually get to go trick-or-treating for Halloween this year.

As of right now, apparently Halloween is still happening in South Jersey, so that's some good news there. Governor Murphy told NJ.com that he's basically going to keep an eye out for any spikes in the COVID-19 numbers and then announce his formal decision from there. As of right now, today, trick-or-treating is still a 'Go'.

Honestly, I can't even imagine a Halloween without trick-or-treaters. I think the trick-or-treaters knocking up at the door is every adult's favorite part. It'd be sad if we wind up not being able to celebrate the holiday as normal. With that being said, guess it's also safe to say that if nobody acts like "knuckleheads" (Murphy's favorite word), then we should be good-to-go.

Here's to hoping, right?

Source: NJ.com

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