🍫 Halloween is Tuesday, October 31st.

🍫 Kids from all over will set out to gather up as much candy as they can to last them until Easter.

🍫 People remind owners not to throw a fit regarding out-of-neighborhood trick-or-treaters this year.

It's every kid's favorite day of the year! Well, second to Christmas, I guess. Halloween's the one day a year when kids get to eat all the sugar they want without hearing any grief from mom and dad. They dress up in their chosen costumes and hit the town as soon as mom and/or dad get home from work.


They look forward to this day ALL YEAR. There are only a few Halloweens that hold that magic. Why would any adult want to ruin that?

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Well, some unfortunately forget the joy they once felt when they went out trick-or-treating every year. Those adults are so far removed from their childhood that they forget how much they loved this holiday. Why would you ever want to take away a child's joy by being a Debbie Downer?

Some people do just that when they find out that certain trick-or-treaters roaming the streets don't actually live in that specific neighborhood. Here's my question: does it really matter? One resident in Egg Harbor Township took to the town's local Facebook group to remind certain petty adults to keep those comments to themselves on Halloween this year.


She raised some pretty solid points, too.

1.) Not every child lives in a development.

What about the kids that live on busy roads or in the country? There are plenty of rural places around here where the kids have no sidewalks or developments. Are they supposed to give up on Halloween just because they live somewhere with some land rather than a developed neighborhood? Seems silly, wouldn't you say?

2.) Some kids trick-or-treat at Grandma's.

When I was little, I remember kids who wouldn't even trick-or-treat in their own neighborhoods because their parents would take them to their grandparents'. Keep that in mind when you're angry that "outsiders" are getting candy from your neighbors.

3.) Not all kids can afford costumes.

This one drives me nuts. I HATE when people withhold candy from kids/teens just because they aren't dressed up. Seriously? What if the parents can't afford a costume? And those who have something to say about the teenagers showing for candy without a costume. Really? You're going to be stingy with your candy because why? You'd rather them be out on Halloween night getting into trouble and doing things they aren't supposed to be doing?

Honestly, does it really matter who lives where or what the circumstances are? It's Halloween! Let the kids be kids and have fun! Who knows? Maybe if you lighten up, you'll have some fun too!

Source: Facebook

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