From ambrosia salad to spam musubi to ham hacks - those are just a few items on list of some of the grossest food that people actually crave across America. 

Alright, I have to admit, I have a weakness for ambrosia salad, but then again I love the choice for New Jersey's grossest food too.

Thanks to, we can now sleep better at night knowing the sickest (yet most craved) food from every state across the country. Ambrosia salad makes the list for Alaska, ham hocks in Georgia, and the delectable spam musubi hails from the Aloha State.

You're probably still wondering what food could possibly be on this list for New Jersey, and well, they're right on the money with this one. The grossest food we love to hate (hate to love) is pork roll (or Taylor ham depending on where in the state you're living).

I don't normally eat pork roll because well, for starters it's unhealthy. I wouldn't suggest ever looking at how much fat there is in one slice. Regardless of any nutritional qualms I have, there's no better way to start a lazy Sunday morning than with a good old pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich and a hot cup of coffee. I can actually taste it while I'm writing this.

Just in case you're wondering, Pennsylvania's item on this list is, yep you guessed it - Scrapple. For those who don't know, this is made from pork scraps and trimming. Yep, I think I'll stick to my pork roll sandwiches, thanks!

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