Pinterest just released their Pinfright 2018 report which means the Halloween pin stats are in!

Among some of the most pinned Halloween looks are Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas, creepy Jack-o-lanterns, and Dark Fairies. The look that's taking the internet by storm, though, is the Celestial makeup.

Basically, it's a makeup concept that makes your face look like the galaxy or the night sky. Some famous Youtube makeup artists have created this look and the results have been BOMB!

InStyle tried the look and put up an expectation vs. reality tutorial.

What's cool about this look is its versatility. You can adapt it in so many different ways. Some people make their face look like a galaxy, some make it look like a starry night, and some people take it to a whole different level like Blossom's look.

To complete the concept, just wear all black to make your canvas of the night sky complete.

Source: Pinterest

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