Let's just get this out there, hiccups are the worst!

They are annoying and distracting to you and everyone around you.

When you work in a field in which talking is important hiccups can get in the way of doing your job.

I had the hiccups earlier today when I was on air. Yes, I had a perfect sounding hiccup on air while I was talking. Seriously, it sounded like someone played a sound effect. I was both proud and annoyed at the same time.

I went to one of my tried and true hacks to get rid of hiccups. I set up my phone and recorded it in action so that you can see how it works.

Watch the hacks in action: (Step by step directions below)

Hiccup Hack 1:

  1. Grab a glass of water
  2. Bend forward
  3. Drink the water from the far side of the cup (try not to spill)
  4. Stand back up
  5. Live your life hiccup free

Hiccup Hack 1:

  1. Grab a glass of water
  2. Pour some water in your mouth (do not swallow yet)
  3. Plug your ears and nose at the same time (see video for visual)
  4. Swallow water
  5. Live your life hiccup free

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