There was no winner Tuesday in the Mega Million Lottery Game, so the jackpot has grown to at least $476 Million. (The winning numbers were 9,19,34,44,51 - The Mega ball was 24.)

So, if you win the next drawing, how can you spend the dough?

Here's some ideas if you're interested in staying close to home - and, supporting the local economy:

1. If you get in line and buy the tags early, you can treat 136 Million senior citizens to beach tags in Margate.

2. You can take 158,666,666 kids for a tour of Lucy the Elephant.

3. You can swing by Manco & Manco's Pizza (still can't get used to the name) and pick up 211,555,555 slices of plain pizza.

4. Still hungry? Swing by the White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City for 45,769,230 whole Italian subs.

While there will be a lot to spend you winnings on, one thing you can't buy: the new Revel Casino. You'd need to hit similar jackpots about 5 more times.....