In a matter of hours Monday I witnessed the best and worst of social distancing.

I'm a proud resident of Egg Harbor Township. I've lived in EHT for over 20 years. My kids and step-kids grew up here. Great schools, great community, great people.

Monday, I was driving in my neighborhood and drove pass two little playmates who I often see playing together outside - riding bikes, running, playing. The boy and girl are probably each around 5-years-old.

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As I came down the street, the two were outside, but practicing social distancing. He was on one side of street, sitting on a small kid's chair. She was across the street, also sitting on a small chair. You could tell they were laughing, joking, and talking - all the while staying across the street from one another.

I think my heart skipped a beat or two.

I so wish I could have snapped a photo to share with you.

Then, on the same day, I saw this on the Nextdoor APP. I joke that Nextdoor is Twitter for old people. It's an online bulletin board of sorts, focusing on your own community - even your own neighborhood. I won't share the whole post, or the name of the person who posted it:


Excuse me, have you not paid attention to what is happening in the world? Do you not know that we're supposed to stay separated from each other? Inviting strangers to come to your house to work out doesn't seem like great social distancing practice. You know, there's a reason they closed all the gyms, right?

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