We got an email today detailing the selflessness of one DJ who is currently out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Ryan O'Connell DJ's all around South Jersey, Philadelphia, and in all the casinos. He's obviously not working at the moment, but couldn't just sit around and do nothing. So, he decided to start a GoFundMe that would feed overwhelmed medical professionals, many of whom have expressed the difficulties of getting a meal with all the patients they're caring for at the moment.

Not only did the GoFundMe help those in healthcare, but it boosted the economy for several small local businesses. The system? For every $200 in donations received, a local restaurant will provide a meal that can feed up to 20 people. So many restaurants have stepped up to be involved, some even refusing to accept payment.

In just one week, O'Connell had 32 deliveries go out to the essential personnel and has achieved his goal of raising $10,000!

You can check out Ryan's GoFundMe page HERE!

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