It was in April of this year that a shooting broke out between police officers and a man who demonstrated bizarre behavior including stealing their patrol car.

The story first broke a few months ago detailing how Roy Jackel Jr. was shot after police fired once during an incident that involved him running straight for them after a car accident. The entire situation is riddled with odd behavior from Jackel that could, no doubt, be related to the crash. However, that's obviously only speculation.

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It's now confirmed that the family wants answers as to why police in Buena Vista Township resorted to shooting Jackel rather than choosing another method to get him to surrender, whether it had been a taser or another tactic. reports that the NJ Attorney General's office is now investigating the case in an attempt to uncover how and why what originally was a car crash ended up escalating to the degree that it did.

The family feels that Roy Jackel Jr.'s death could've been prevented if the officers on the force of Buena Vista Township's police department were more thoroughly and properly trained. Their opinion that they've expressed through various statements conveys that they believe Jackel had sustained injuries from a prior accident that went untreated which led to what happened on that fateful day back in April.

Jackel's father, Roy Jackel Sr., explained that before the incident that would wind up taking his son's life, Jackel Jr. was coming from his home. Jackel Jr. had revealed that he wasn't feeling very well, and now, Jackel Sr. says that he wishes he would've told him to go see a doctor.

Regarding the investigation, the Attorney General's office will be going over every detail with a fine-tooth comb, including the dash camera footage from the involved officers' police cars. It's only then, they say, that they will make a statement and reveal the outcome once it's been reviewed by the necessary parties.


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