Wawa created a not so secret, secret menu a few months back. Rather than the secret menu items being created by workers or customers that require precise precision when ordering, Wawa's secret menu can be accessed right on their touch screen ordering system. They encourage you to order from this secret menu and post on social media using a hashtag to spread the word.

The secret menu items have changed since its inception, but the one thing that remains the same is that the menu items are quite a bit different from everything else Wawa offers. They also are "Instagramable" foods. I went and tried out this "secret menu" out for myself to see if it was worth it.

In order to get to the secret menu, you have to click a goose icon that is on the bottom left of the screen. You are then brought to a screen that looks like a vault. After the wheel does a few spins to look like the vault is opening you press the screen to "enter" which brings you to the elusive secret menu.

The secret menu consists of a rainbow bagel and rainbow lemonades. There are 12 different lemonade flavors all varying in color.

Check out what I thought about Wawa's Secret Menu here:

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