"It's a sin!"

How many times have you heard the women in your life say that? I say that phrase at least three times a day. Truth be told, it's probably uttered out of my mouth a lot more than that, too. Still, whenever it's said, it's never usually meant to be taken literally.

Most of us that hail from the Garden State utter that phrase when we encounter something slightly disagreeable. Sure, there are times when we use it to express our shock, remorse, or dare I say, even judgement at times. Usually though, it's never meant in a literal sense.

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Well, turns out, Jersey folks can start using the phrase much more literally than previously thought. Apparently, NJ residents aren't exactly angels on Earth doing the Lord's work all the time. A new study examined each of the 50 states in categories such as anger & hatred, jealousy, excesses & vices, greed, lust, vanity, and laziness all in an attempt to see which states are the most sinful in the country.

Guess what? The Garden State lands itself within the top 15 sinful states in America.

Now, according to the survey, we did do well in some areas. Meaning, New Jersey residents aren't completely awful across the board. Believe it or not, there aren't too many thefts per capita in the Garden State compared to the others. Also, New Jersey is one of the states with the fewest number of violent crimes per capita, as well.

Where we did fall short, though, was within both the vanity and vices categories. For example, the number of salons New Jersey has per capita is one of the highest in the country. Also, people LOVE to gamble here in the Garden State (Atlantic City, duh). New Jersey lands in the top 3rd spot for states with the highest number of gambling disorders.

Overall, New Jersey comes in at number 12 on the list of the most sinful states in the US. So, it looks like some of us have some soul searching to do. Maybe, we need to clean up our acts a little bit.

They don't call Atlantic City "America's Playground" for nothing.

Source: WalletHub.com

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