"My grandparents are now on Facebook. I realize now that their lives are so much more exciting than mine."

That quote is from my 20 year old daughter.... who goes to college more than 800 miles from home, and lives on her own. In addition to going to college she works at a hip, cool, restaurant - and, she's currently interning for the management company of a major singing star. She's certainly, "living the life", yet it's her grandparents' postings on Facebook that seem to outdo her exciting life.

And, mine.

More and more adults over the age of 65 are now Facebooking - and, it's all showing us that maybe life does begin at 60.

My parents are 70 and 71, yet from their postings, it seems they have no trouble eating at great restaurants, going to the beach, and hanging with a lot of good friends.My mom last week won a local golf tournament - and, the only way I knew about it was Facebook. Actually, my father texted me and told me to check the latest big news on his Facebook page.So much for the phone call....

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"Dad! Do you see what Grandpa posted on my page! I'm going to die now...."