Luke Grimes' music career is really taking off. The actor-turned-musician launched an eight-date tour this week, but not before a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Grimes took the spotlight moment to perform his song "Burn."

Decked out in denim and boots, he launched into the heartbreaking track, keeping the performance simple, strumming on his guitar while the band plays along (watch below). At times, the passion in his voice spills over as he adds some guttural grit to the lyrics.

"Burn" tells the story of a man scorned by a lover who never meant to stick around. The narrator allows himself to be used in spite of knowing he'll be burned in the end. He drinks in every moment with her, asking that when she does leave, she'll set him ablaze and let him burn.

The song is featured on Grimes' debut Pain Pills or Pews EP. He wrote "Burn" by himself, as well as five other songs on the project. With just eight songs total, it's likely he will perform the entire EP at each of his shows.

It's Grimes' first foray in country music. Although the Yellowstone star has acted for years, he has played music since he was a child. Both careers were big dreams of his, however, but the acting door opened first.

"I've been playing music since I was a kid," he tells night show host Jimmy Kimmel. "You know, both of the dreams were sort of simultaneous and acting just sort of paid the bills."

"Then I had this opportunity and I thought, you know, I could sit here and worry about what everybody's going to think about it or I could just give it a shot," he adds.

Pain Pills or Pews is available now. Grimes will continue hopscotch across the country on tour with his last stop in Boston on Dec. 16.

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