If you've ever gone to any kind of music concert in Atlantic City, there's probably a 50/50 chance that whoever you went to see - regardless of their musical genre - did a cover version of the Bruce Springsteen song, Atlantic City.

It must be part of the musicians' code or something.

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Country singer Riley Green records the song, Atlantic City

Riley Green has just released his version of the classic song - and, honestly, it's not too bad.

Check it out here:

Green's version of the song is on his new album, Way Out Here.

The original Bruce Springsteen version of Atlantic City

For comparison's sake, here's the Springsteen version of the song:

A country band's version of Atlantic City

The band Old Dominion will be playing the Barefoot Country Music Fest in Wildwood this summer. Here's their version of the song:

What do you think of the new Riley Green version of the song? Let us know in the comments below - and, we'll meet you tonight in Atlantic City.

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