Shopping these days has become more expensive than ever before.

We all joke that a trip to Target for deodorant turned into a $300 trip. But the not-so-funny part about it is when you get home and realize you only bought a handful of things that should have cost half the price.


If we’re paying these prices anyway, why even leave the house? Online shopping is the way to go.

Many New Jerseyans didn’t step foot in a store during the holidays. All of their Christmas shopping was done on their phone.

Amazon app online shopping phone (Canva, Amazon)
Amazon app online shopping phone (Canva, Amazon)

Amazon is usually the go-to because of Prime’s 2-day shipping. Anything aside from that, you’ll be waiting at least 7 days to get it delivered to your home. That is, until now.

Walmart just announced a big change coming to the company and New Jersey will be affected.

According to, Walmart plans on speeding up its delivery process on online orders by opening more than 40 “parcel stations” around the country. This is to cut down on the time between an order being placed and the actual delivery and will make the process even faster, just like Amazon, as Next Day Delivery.

Walmart (Google Maps)
Walmart in Brick (Google Maps)

As of now, the plan is to open 40 parcel stations in 9 states, including New Jersey.

The other 8 states are Texas, California, Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Connecticut.

If this works out, maybe it’s something other retail stores should consider doing. Physical stores are closing due to a lack of attendance and an increase in online shopping. It’s time to take advantage of it.

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