Confused? I'd be surprised if you weren't.

You read that correctly. If you're looking for a great Italian meal in the City of Brotherly Love, well multiple sources will tell you that you actually have to leave Philadelphia if you want the best.

According to New Jersey Digest, for you to experience the absolute BEST Italian cuisine the Greater Philadelphia Region has to offer, you have to venture across the Ben Franklin Bridge into a uniquely quaint little town called Collingswood.

Quietly nestled in the heart of Camden County, Collingswood is home to some of the finest and most delicious restaurants in the region. It's there that you'll find the most adorable little Italian joint called Zeppoli.

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Now, what makes Zeppoli so special is the nod to old world Italian cuisine. Chef Joseph Baldino wants you to enjoy an authentic experience centered around traditional Sicilian dishes that will leave your taste buds not only satisfied, but blown away.

The restaurant itself only seats 35 people. It's tiny, but the experience is SO worth it. You'll enjoy a 4-course dinner and leave with a different experience when compared to other Italian restaurants. You'll understand why it's so important to chef why he cooks the way he does.

The restaurant is BYOB. I'd recommend a bottle of red and white so you won't go wrong regardless of your meal choice. It's a perfect spot for a little date night out or to catch-up with some friends.

To make a reservation, click HERE.

Source: New Jersey Digest

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