The older I get the worse my road rage becomes. Something about idiots on the road doing stupid things riles me up. I wanna get right into this because it's fresh in my brain.

While driving into Philadelphia on I-95, a person was driving with their lights off at 10:00 p.m.

My simple question to this person is how? How can you be so oblivious? Multiple cars were flashing their lights at them trying to let them know that their lights were off.


It is incredibly dangerous to be on such a widely traveled road at a high speed in the dark without your lights on.

People flying up behind them had to hit their brakes because they couldn't even see the car until they were up close.

Meanwhile, the driver is blissfully unaware of the road hazard they are creating. And I'll never understand how.

You see all the other cars with their lights on. You see that multiple people are flashing their lights at you. As a matter of fact, the DRIVER had to notice that the road looked a little dark to them right? It's mind-boggling to me that this can happen.


To make matters worse, this person didn't just spawn on the highway. Surely at some point, they had to be on some back road where no other cars were around. No lights around either. And you're still driving with your lights off?

And for those thinking that maybe the person's headlights and taillights were out, here's what I would say. Don't drive at night then! It creates a dangerous situation.

Seriously, maybe their license should be revoked if they operate a vehicle with this kind of negligence.

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