If you’ve ever thought surfing might be fun, I urge you to watch the video below.

It shows that even experienced surfers can wipe out.

A bomb cyclone somewhere off the Jersey coast (the exact location isn’t being divulged, just that it was in New Jersey) produced some monster waves. The kind of waves that make surfers salivate.

What is a bomb cyclone? Imagine a whirling storm system intensifying rapidly, dropping in pressure dramatically within 24 hours. That's a bomb cyclone!

Think of it like a weather superhero flexing its muscles, but instead of saving the day, it might bring strong winds, heavy snowfall, and coastal flooding; in this case, it caused monster waves.

Ocean blue wave in ocean. Breaking wave for surfing in Bali
Photo via Nuture

These winter warriors brew when cold air clashes with warm, moist air over the ocean. The contrast creates a pressure imbalance, and winds whip around like a cosmic dance, fueling the storm's intensity. Think of it as nature's dramatic way of balancing the temperature scales.

If you watch until the end, the unnamed surfer strolls off the beach, apparently unharmed, saying that he felt glad to be alive. Here’s the video

Knowing that he turned out ok, it’s ok to say that looked pretty cool, almost fun, but definitely not for the fainthearted.

The power of the ocean is just so majestic! But it can also be dangerous.

New Jersey has a vibrant surfing scene, from Sandy Hook to Cape May and winter can feature some of the biggest swells, so there are always hardy souls, who, outfitted with board and wetsuit, brave the cold looking for that perfect wave.

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