There's nothing Jersey loves quite as much as breakfast, brunch, and everything that goes with it.

There are some pretty amazing places to grab breakfast in Jersey from places like Shut Up And Eat, to Turning Point, to places like Klee's and Hooks in Seaside Heights that do a nice brunch each weekend.

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There's no such thing as too many breakfast options, and now it looks like Monmouth County will be getting a new hot spot for brunch and breakfast lovers alike.

First Watch Is Opening Its First Monmouth County Location

According to APP, this place already has five locations in Jersey, but between you and I, I've never heard of it.

Part of that may be because there isn't one in Ocean or Monmouth County and that's where I do a majority of my going out to eat.

WAIT WHAT?! Brick Beach Is Banning WHAT This Year?

First Watch though is known for having delicious breakfast and brunch foods.

The new restaurant is set to open in Monmouth County off Route 35 and Wyckoff Road in Monmouth Plaza.

What's really nice about this place is that it's a rotating seasonal menu, so no two experiences will be quite the same which is exciting.

There's no word on an exact opening date for Monmouth County's first First Watch restaurant.

First Watch has another restaurant in our area near the Brick Commons, according to APP, off 70 and Chambersbridge Road, but that's not opening until next summer.

That being said, when it does open it'll be in the same shopping center as the Hackensack Meridian Health And Wellness Center as well as Amazon Fresh, if that ever opens of course!

While you wait though, here are some brunch places around the Jersey Shore you need to try right now.

The Top Brunch Joints At The Jersey Shore!

They may not have bottomless...but their food is top notc

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