When you think of New Jesrey's Urband legends, what comes to mind?

Of course, the Jersey Devil instills fear into anyone who may find themselves traveling through the Pine Barrens at night.

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You may also think of the legend of Ong's Hat; a small part of Jersey that's supposedly home to a wormhole to another dimension, crazy cults, and a lot of strange paranormal activity.

You can read more on Ong's Hat right here. 

And of course, you have Shades of Death Road, The Devil's Tree, and so many more Urban Legends coming out of the Garden State.

Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash
Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

None of those however are Jersey's most famous Urban Legend.

What Is The Most Famous Urban Legend In New Jersey?

I'll be honest with you, this is not one I would have picked as the most famous in Jersey, but thanks to the streaming giant Netflix, it's gained a lot of traction in recent months.

The story of The Watcher is one that does send chills down your spine.

A family moves into a new home in Westfield New Jersey only to be met with threatening notes left in their mailbox.

The notes were left by someone who went by The Watcher who claimed it was their responsibility to look over the house and keep an eye on it.

The Watcher, nj urban legends
Photo Credit: Google Maps

24/7 Tempo claims that this is in fact Jersy's most famous Urban Legend, and although it is a creepy story, and the Netflix series based on the events is well done I'm not sure I'd say this is Jersey's most well-known Urban Legend.

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