The idea of a recall is a scary one, whether it's a recall on your vehicle, the food you eat, or something as serious as your medication.

It's usually never great when you hear of a recall, so when one pops up that could be potentially life-threatening it's good to know about it.

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A while back I told you about the Stop and Shop recall, where several different stores across New Jersey recalled undercooked deli chicken products.

More on that right here. 

Now, the FDA is issuing a national recall on some medications and health products that many Americans may be keeping in their medicine cabinets.

The FDA Recalls Two Health Pills Nationwide

Yahoo News reports that the recall is centered around a company called G.A. Mart dba H&Natural.

The company specializes in certain health products such as dietary supplements.

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The two products being recalled are H&NATURAL TejoRoot, 10g pills alongside two lots of H&NATUAL Brazil Seed, .167g.

According to the FDA, these pills can contain Yellow Oleander, which can be poisonous if consumed.

What Is Yellow Oleander?

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It's a poisonous plant native to Mexico as well as Central America.

How or why exactly it ended up in these dietary pills is beyond me, but if you have either of these products in your medicine cabinet you'll want to get rid of them immediately.

Symptoms of Yellow Oleander poisoning include vomiting, dizziness, abdominal pain, cardiac changes, and dysrhythmia.

If you suspect you've had any of these pills you're advised to call G.A Mart at 928-389-4805 or you can call the FDA's Medwatch number at  1-800-332-1088.

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