It's hard to believe that Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and there is one New Jersey restaurant the experts say is the perfect place to take your sweetheart.

Romantic Dinner
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There are so many amazing, romantic, and beautiful restaurants all over the Garden State that it's next to impossible to pick just one as the most romantic, but that is exactly what a major food website recently did.

It was the folks at Food & Wine that determined the most romantic restaurant in New Jersey, and it may be the perfect place to go this Valentine's Day.

The restaurant that rose to the top of their list and got the honor from this publication is a great place in Rutherford called Cafe Matisse.

New Jersey's Most Romantic Restaurant, Cafe Matisse (Google Maps)
Cafe Matisse (Google Maps)

Chef Peter makes sure that your visit to Cafe Matisse is not just a meal, but an amazing dining experience.

The main dining room of this majestic restaurant is known as the "Jewel Box" and with good reason.

It's a room inspired by Henry Matisse, and it is truly elegant. The amazing chandeliers alone are worth a visit to this breathtaking restaurant.

New Jersey's Most Romantic Restaurant, Cafe Matisse, Rutherford (Google Maps)
Cafe Matisse, Rutherford (Google Maps)

And the Jewel Box is not the only amazing room to dine in at this incredibly unique restaurant.

This Valentine's Day may be the perfect time to give Cafe Matisse a try. They are located at 167 Park Ave. in Rutherford, and it is a dining experience you will never forget.

Please remember that reservations are always required, so plan ahead. You won't be sorry.

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