There are so many great lunch choices in New Jersey, but you recently told us this is the best lunch place in the whole state.

We spend a good amount of time during the first half of our workday thinking about one thing, lunch.

The Best Lunch In New Jersey

Food is always on our minds in New Jersey. we love food, and there are few things we love more than our lunch break.

We asked you to tell us which place in New Jersey is your favorite to grab lunch, and you told us over several social media platforms.

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The whole state can't travel to one place for lunch, and if we did, how long would it take to get a table?

New Jersey Loves A Good Lunch

Despite that, we still want to know the restaurant that more of you mentioned than any other.

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The one thing about lunch is it puts a strict time crunch on you, so answering this question is a very localized exercise.

The one place we heard about more often than any other is a legendary hot dog joint in North Jersey.

And The Winner Is...

This famous place is called Rutt's Hut in Clifton, and you have made it the top lunch spot in the state of New Jersey.

Rutt's is no stranger to being honored, often cited as the best hot dog joint in the Garden State.

Rutt's is famous for their Ripper, which is a can't-miss meal, and has been around since 1928.

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