Do you love the movies? I mean do you not only love "movies", but do you love going to a movie? There is something about going to your local theatre that you can't replicate at home. Is it the giant screen? Maybe it's the surround sound? Could it be the popcorn? Whatever the case, I've always loved a trip to the movies it's always enjoyable and entertaining.


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According to, "The MPAA estimates about 12%, or 43 million people, in the United States and Canada are frequent moviegoers (go once a month or more)." That's a lot of people who simply love going to the theatre to see a movie, are you one of this dedicated group of moviegoers? By the way, the MPAA is the Motion Picture Association of America.


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What Is Regal Cinemas Mystery Movie?

Recently we discovered the "mystery movie" at our local Regal Cinema in Manahawkin, New Jersey. They do this promotion on select Monday nights. Here's how it works, you purchase a ticket for only $5 but the twist is you have no idea what movie you are going to see, it's a mystery until the movie starts. The only thing you are guaranteed is that it is a new movie that has not been released. So it is a bit of a risk, but it's a new movie and you get a good price at only $5.


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We went to the "Mystery Movie" and we saw Origin. It was a good, very serious movie, but it was a movie I was glad I saw. This program definitely will expose us to movies we may not have picked first, so it's a way to see new films of varying subjects. You just have to go in thinking "This could be any movie". It's a risk, but it's a great price and it's a fun Monday night. The next Regal "Mystery Movie" is Monday, January 22nd.



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