How about combining the beauty of a New Jersey cranberry bog and the health aspect of getting outdoors and hiking in New Jersey? Sounds like a good combo right? According to "Only In Your State", "The Franklin Parker Preserve Trail is a simple 5.3-mile loop trail that will take you through an area filled with cranberry bogs and blueberry fields during the harvest season."


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Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels



This preserve trail is in the Chatsworth area (White Horse Inn Pictured Above), which is like the New Jersey cranberry capitol. According to the publication "New Jersey’s cranberry bogs are a staple of South Jersey life, giving NJ the title of “Cranberry Capital”, according to many people. Now, I love my cranberry juice and cranberry sauce, but I didn’t realize how deep those roots go until I explored the Chatsworth area." Lesly Derksen Lesly Derksen


So let's talk about this hike. It's about 5.3 miles and is described as "easy" when it comes to difficulty. Most areas like this in the Pine Barrens tend to be very flat terrain with little or no incline. You may encounter some "wet" sections but after all the bogs are filled with lots of water, and there are bridges in some sections. "The terrain is relatively even, although many areas have makeshift bridges over the water. Wear comfortable shoes and it should be suitable for all experience levels." Henk van der Steege Henk van der Steege


So take a ride out to Burlington County and go for a relaxing hike along the Franklin Parker Preserve loop trail. Give yourself a few hours and bring a camera because you never know what you might see along the way. Enjoy this beautiful section of the Pine Barrens during Autumn when all the colors are there to enjoy. Lots of leaf-peeping on this adventure.


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