I love these when I see them on Facebook. Come on play along.

I saw this one on Facebook and thought this is fun. Usually, I see these around Christmas time, with the "What's Your Elf Name" version.

allen stoner, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
allen stoner, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

I remember one year I was "Sparky Red Nose". So this is a little different, everything we love about New Jersey. I put a little spin of my own in it too.

If you've never done this it's real simple. What's your birthday month and your birth date? It's that simple.

Your Birth Month:

January - Disco Fries

February - Sandy

March - Tomato

April - Pork Roll

May - Argumentative

June - Benny

July - Atlantic

August - Sunrise

September - Blueberry

October - Toms River

November - Shawn & Sue

December - Wawa

Your Birth Day:

1. Ice Cream

2. Bon Jovi

3. Coffee

4. Pothole

5. Pizza

6. Boardwalk Fries

7. Devils

8. Jughandle

9. Meatball

10. Speeding ticket

11. Hoagiefest

12. 20cashregular


14. Bagel

15. Boardwalk

16. Salt Pepper Ketchup

17. Sausage and Peppers

18. Diner

19. Island Beach State Park

20. Parkway

21. Mozzarella

22. Flip Flop

23. Springsteen

24. Exit 82

25. Jersey Shore

26. Trenton

27. Deli

28. Soprano

29. Piney

30. Shoobie

31. Fist pump

So, here's how you do it. My birthday is on September 14th. So I look for the month of September and then the date, the 14th. My New Jersey Name is "Blueberry Bagel". Shawn's Birthday is April 15th. Shawn's New Jersey Name is "Porkroll Boardwalk", which's a perfect New Jersey name.

I'd like my birthday to be November 8th - "Shawn & Sue Jughandle" and November 11th - "Shawn & Sue Hoagiefest". See this is fun...A couple of other funny ones, October 1st, February 9th, and January 30th.

Play along and let's see what your "New Jersey Name" is.

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