Can you believe that Easter is fast approaching? Easter is early this year and is Sunday, March 31st. Have you put together your Easter basket? I always thought Easter baskets were fun and over the years people have become quite creative, but I think we can all agree that the main ingredient is the candy. Everyone has their own personal favorites, but according to an article by NJ Spotlight News, there is a list of the favorite candy for your Easter basket in New Jersey.


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According to NJ Spotlight News, the top of the list for Easter candy is very traditional and simple. In Jersey, the preferred candy is the "chocolate rabbit". Yes, an oldie but goodie. Do you start at the ears and work down or do you start at the tail and work up? Obviously, it's a personal preference. I typically start at the ears. The chocolate rabbit can be dark chocolate or milk chocolate.



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Also on the list at number two is the Cadbury Mini Eggs. Lots of folks love the Cadbury eggs, a nice combination of chocolate and cream. Third on the list is foil-wrapped chocolate eggs. Once again, like the chocolate rabbit, try to get dark chocolate or milk chocolate.


Jellybeans Patrick Fore


Another candy I do like at Easter is the jellybean. Not the crazy flavor jellybeans like the Harry Potter ones, just plain old jellybeans. Save me the lemon, orange, and lime beans, please. Happy EASTER


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