The holidays are quickly approaching, and it's important for dog owners to know which foods are dangerous, and which are ok to share with our furry friends.  The idea for this story is to focus on some of the more popular foods.

This is not a complete list.  You should always consult your vet before giving your pet people food.

Many foods that are safe for humans, can kill your dog.


Do Not Share These Foods with Your Dog

Onions:  Onions cause problems with your dog's blood.  Never feed your dog onions, onion powder, or any food item with onions, chives, or leets in the ingredients.

Avocados:  If you plan on serving some guac to your guests, make sure your dog doesn't get any.  Avocados contain a toxin that can be deadly.

Garlic:  Again, this means garlic in any form, including ingredients of some common foods we serve.

Peanut Butter: OK, maybe you've heard peanut butter is safe.  Some peanut butter is safe, however, many commercial peanut butter products contain Xylitol.  This is the same ingredient found in many sugar-free foods.  This can cause liver damage and death.

Chocolate/Caffeine:  This is pure poison to your dog.  If you think you're dog ate even a little chocolate, call your veterinarian immediately.

Alcohol:  This would seem obvious.  Alcohol can cause death.

Uncooked Meat:  Raw meat is the perfect breeding ground for Salmonella and E. coli.


Foods You May Share in Moderation

Carrots and Celery:  If you're making soup, these are safe to share.

Bananas/Apples/Strawberries:  Watch for seeds in the apple.  

Cheese:  Doesn't it seem like unwrapping cheese is a universal call to dogs?  My dog hears nothing I say, but when I unwrap cheese in the kitchen, he's right on it.

 Chicken and Turkey:  These are alright, however, remove the skin, and do not serve them meat that has been seasoned.  Again no garlic and no onion.  Also, bones are very dangerous.  Do not allow them to have chicken or turkey bones.

Bread, corn, and peas:  Safe in moderation.

If your pup wants to watch the game with you, feel free to pass the popcorn.  It's safe for your pup.

Finally, I want to repeat, that this is a partial list.  The safest choice is to stick to feeding them their dog food.  Call your vet if you have any questions.

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